MARKET activities

MARKET activities

The growing demand for packaging solutions that would replace the fossil-based ones with biodegradable and compostable applications resulted in a more dynamic market for this type of products.

Only price-competitive and certified materials can meet all the requirements of a sustainable “end of life” of an individual product and guarantee that compostable plastics will be utilized in the composting plant under certain conditions. The quality of the product must ensure the smooth operation of the composting plant, be it consumer bags, bags for organic waste collection, mulch films in agriculture or packaging. 


Certified products

Bio-mi was the first in Croatia and in this part of Southeast Europe to produce a TUV certified thermoplastic biobased, biodegradable and compostable starch based compounds, the “MI3”, and continues the certification process of other PLA based compounds – “MI6”.

The expansion of our market initiatives and the enhancement of production capacities would not be achievable without investments in new machinery and technologies. We will persist in monitoring market trends and needs, alongside maintaining our commitment to product certification. Our ongoing focus remains on developing sustainable, customized solutions that precisely meet the individual requirements of each customer, further driving our market presence.

We are in the process of receiving a certificate for our MI3 mulch film to be biodegradable in soil. This certification underscores our commitment to agriculture, promoting health, safe food, and microplastic-free solutions.

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