Bio-Mi Product Line

Thermoplastics include many different types of plastics commonly used in packaging, food packaging, children’s toys, medical devices, agro-industry and many other consumer and industrial products/sectors.

Bio-Mi develops new, sustainable thermoplastic materials that can compete with a wide range of petroleum-based plastics developed 70 years ago. Nowadays, industrial-scale transformers and consumers expect the same qualities and capability of use from the new generation of materials, produced from renewable and from biomass sources.

In response to these requirements, Bio-Mi’s objective is to be the supplier of bioplastics with a wide range of alternative solutions, offering a variety of unprocessed bioplastic materials and standard or customised bioplastic compounds.

bio mi product line


 Key properties of our thermoplastic materials and final products:
• High bio-based content 40%-100%
• 100% biodegradable and compostable
• Completely organically and mechanically recyclable
• Plasticizer free
• Food contact approved
• Suited for a wide range of final applications
• Made in EU



Start of Life:  We aim for the highest possible bio-based content in all of our products and we are continually developing our range to increase sustainability credentials. Moreover, we are offering recycled raw materials that are made of 100% of recycled content.

End of Life: Clear and clean end of life with several possible scenarios (options), such as organic recycling and mechanical recycling.

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