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27 February 2023

Bio-Mi at the BIC Matchmaking Event in Brussels

Bio-Mi, a full member of the BIC, had the pleasure to participate at the BIC Programming Working Group Meeting on 8 February, in Brussels, and the matchmaking event the following day, that gathered 240 participant. Over 1,000 1-to-1 meetings took place, with connections made more beneficial, thanks to many BIC members using the new feature to share their interest in various topics beforehand.

It was a pleasure to assist presentations made in the opening plenary by BIC's Dirk Carrez and Samuele Ambrosetti and acting Executive Director of CBE JU Nicolò Giacomuzzi-Moore that outlined the objectives of the event and what lies ahead for the BIC and bio industry, as well.

Here is a sneak peak of the atmosphere:

BIC MME final


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