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R&D activities


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R&D is an integral part of our organisation and we believe it should be connected to the customer, rather than alienated. We invest our resources in investigation and testing to develop new sustainable materials and enhance the existing ones. Our R&D activities include: development of new products, processes and technical solutions, research activities performed in the scope of our EU research and innovation projects, technical support for clients and education and training on bioeconomy and its application models.



         We are focused on:          


  • internal projects: development of the MI FAMILY OF MATERIALS
  • private R&D projects with companies and RTO´s
  • research projects on a national and international level in the field of polymers and advanced materials and technologies. Our project priorities are in the framework of the European Green Deal and the Circular Bio-based Europe (CBE), but also national projects under ESIF funding




 r and d1

Bio-Mi has already developed its first blend/compound/bioplastics, the "MI3", a starch based compound – for wide range of applications.

Currently, Bio-Mi is developing the second bio-degradable and compostable thermoplastic compound – "MI6" which is a PLA based compound and the “MI9”, a PHA based compound.

Our objective is to optimise and further upscale the production of 3 different bioplastic blends/compounds with 9 different certified variations based on a wide range of bio-polymers, degradable polyesters and co-polyesters such as PLA, PBAT, PHAs, PCL, TPS, PBS, monomers/oligomers, additives, chain extenders, compatibilizers, nucleating agents, fillers etc.

The development of these formulations is not accidental, in accordance with the needs of the market, Bio-Mi decided to provide sustainable solutions for many companies that have decided to turn to greener entrepreneurship and replace fossil-based solutions. In this way, more stakeholders get involved in the circle and globally contribute to reducing the negative environmental impacts that fossil products currently generate. With our knowledge and experience in research and development of advanced thermoplastic materials, we can cover many sectors with a wide variety of bio products that can replace fossil, with emphasis on disposable plastic that can be composted.



material cordi



Did you know?

                                Every compostable plastics is biodegradable but not every biodegradable plastics is compostable                                 


Not every blend/composition is bio-degradable under every condition and Bio-Mi will be one of the few companies in EU that can offer different end-of-life options for each materal/product.


 r d compounding


Any formulation obtained by extrusion and compounding technologies, whether the result of our own R&D activities or project activities, is extruded into films on a lower TRL scale, and later upscaled on a larger TRL scale and re-analyzed to determine changes and optionally alter certain process parameters or polymer ratio, all for the purpose of maximizing film properties and process optimization. In addition to the extrusion itself, we can apply a bio-based coating to the obtained substrates, which is often added in order to emphasize a property that the final product should have, depending on the application. Each result of our own research is documented, stored in a database and used later in various analyzes required for taylor made applications according to the customer requirements.




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